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We Will Reap What We Sow
Yields of corn and soybeans over 1970-2009
Just for fun, a bit of science fiction
Why I love my job
A five-dollar meal is not much of a challenge
No shortage of action points for the future
Future Harvests now also available as an eBook
Believing in the future
Food security in paradise
Wisdom in poetry
What a waste!
The math and the myth
The fertilizer of the future
Ten human characteristics that may hinder feeding nine billion people
An interview with The Food Futurist: 100 answers about the future of agriculture
Why we will change our eating habits one way or the other
Of food riots and economic hardship
I am available for speaking engagements
Feeding nine billion is an exercise in leadership
Food, Inc. or just the description of America
Investing in agriculture requires thorough research
The rise of the non-profits and how they shape food production
Swimming in circles – Part II: BC salmon farmers are proud!
Future evolution of genetic engineering
Hunger is about more than just food production
The locavore’s dilemma
Helping farmers produce better
Swimming in circles
Future Harvests is on facebook
Follow the water!
The danger of a weakening US dollar
The quiet revolution of food retailers
Consumers shape food production systems
How to attract people to food production
The importance of values in value chains
Regaining the consumer’s trust
Farming a better future by learning the lessons of the previous Green Revolution
Lady Gaga, PETA and lack of knowledge about meat
What if agricultural subsidies were a good thing?
Involve in order to convince!
Since we cannot beat Nature…
What a game changer my book is!
The sockeye salmon returns with some lessons
Science taken hostage cont’d) – The genetically engineered vines
Countries mentioned in Future Harvests
Two thirds of world population live in the 16 most populated countries
Soylent Green is on some people’s minds
Some basics about nutrition and metabolism that can improve your life
Is science being taken hostage? The “killer-canola” example
Wheatprices back in the news
The Russian heat wave gives some people sunstroke
Future-Harvests – Book preview
Is the food company grab the next step beyond the land grab?
China corn imports forecast to rise 9-fold by 2015
Insects on the menu
Are “land-grabs” a necessary evil?
Beyond the book
Future Harvests – The book is coming soon
What should come first: Morals or Science?
The next agricultural revolution
The fun of writing this book
German agriculture minister says eat less meat!
Aquaculture: the solution to feed 9 billion people?
World meat consumption up by 21.3% between 2005 and 2015
Reducing waste works – The example of Hormel Foods
Getting closer to lab meat
The hen house of the future
Nanotechnology: the next controversial subject?
Coca-Cola and the bottle of the future
“Let’s end the polarized debate on food”, Holden urges
Uruguay, the quiet leader in beef?
Who will be the farmers of the future?
Study on waste production in meat and fish supply chains
When satellites assist farmers for higher yields
Avesthagen-Limagrain deal in Atash Seeds Ltd solution-driven and market-driven
Environmental performance on labels: it is coming. Really.
The vertical farm
The ingredients of the Mediterranean diet nutritionists never talk about
Nobel Prize of Economics: Back to the basics
Educating the consumer – Nutritional information only is not enough
More action needed on food waste
How sustainable is “sustainable”?
Let’s not confuse efficiency and intensification!
Humans and robots will work closely together in meat and poultry plants
Sustainability and modernity are compatible: let’s not oppose them!
USDA launches nutritional web tools
Feeding the world in 2050 – FAO coming summit
The hot regions of the future
Sustainability: A land of confusion?
Bringing cities to the countryside infrastructure will help rural development
Wal-Mart’s Yiannas promotes food safety culture
Health and environment as growing drivers of food production
The dining of the future
How much can the rule of 80-20 tell us about the future?
Just like I said: retailers take the lead in sustainability
Less controversy thanks to transparency
High tech fish farm
Corn seen staying below $4 through-2014
USDA experiments with grain harvesting device
Wal-Mart’s 15 questions to suppliers on sustainability
Ecosystem-based management approach gains importance
Retailers take the lead in sustainability
Ownership of food: the seeds of future conflicts
The fish farming of the future?
Environmental performance on food labels
The lurking menace of weeds – Farmers’ enemy #1
Asia faces food shortage by 2050 without major water reforms
Innovation and-tradition shape the future
Kraft Foods reduces global plant water use by over 20%
CNN: in-vitro meat – would lab-burgers be better for us and the planet?
Organic foods not nutritionally superior – So what?
Nutrition basics should be taught in school
Rebuilding fisheries is a must for the future
Future approach of genetics in agriculture
Future price of meat and fish: up
Poultry husbandry of the future
World nutrition forum the future starts now
G8 shifts focus from food aid to farming
The competition for the control of food has started
The buried treasure arable land under our cities
Rabobank sourcing grains critical in animal feed to food chain
Will globalization lead us back to local thinking?
The transition from a consumption society towards a maintenance society
Photos from Agrivision 2009: feeding the globe in 2050
Cod farming difficult start but bright future
Managing water is paramount for the future of food production
If we are what we eat what will we eat in the future?
Alternative raw materials for animal feed
An example of profitable sustainable aquaculture
The PR and the reality about earth friendly production
Canada’s meat and grain sectors eye EU trade
Sustainability: as natural as balance
The consumer must be the focus point of value chains
Innovation, as I said
Animal feed: innovation is the way to add value
The lessons of intensive animal husbandry to aquaculture
Biofuels may be a non issue
Financial markets and food prices
Always be market driven!
Value chains are a great way to develop a niche
Recycling and cleaning are the economic drivers of tomorrow
Have we lost touch with nature?
The great unseen landgrab
Mergers in agribusiness are building strategic economic blocks of tomorrow
Rabobank: confidence in pork industry
30th anniversary of certified Angus beef
Jim Rogers buys land starts farming in Brazil and Canada
Eating green lets get the facts right before we nosh
Study organic food not more nutritional
Food production and environmentalists: time to co-operate
Food production: the balancing act
The challenge of feeding the world and preserving the planet
The ocean, not Mars is the next frontier
Bioethanol solution or problem?