Advisory Services


The Mission

To help clients challenge today’s certainties and shape the future by identifying coming changes, adapting timely, and managing the transition with a targeted and practical action plan to thrive in the coming decades, by working as an extension of their organizations”.

Making the Future Happen

Pic Talk01-2A critical look at the current strategy and the current activities is always a healthy exercise. To adapt to a changing world, it is necessary to identify in a timely manner what has a future and what does not. As innovation is booming in all sectors, new opportunities and new solutions will be available. Tomorrow’s winners and leaders are those who will make the proper choices today.

In a world in full mutation, every organization, be it a business, a non-profit or government, must ponder pragmatically about its future role. What is relevant today will probably not be so in a decade from now. By reviewing the changes ahead, we will define the strategic options to consider, develop a targeted action plan to adapt for success and execute it!

The Food Futurist is the ideal partner to get advice about future change, to reflect on how to transform your organization to be a leader of the future through market-oriented innovation and effective partnerships and to get involved to implement the plan.

The main areas of advice provided are:

  • Developing and strengthening market niches for food producers
  • Result-oriented value chain partnerships and collaboration
  • Change anticipation, timely adaptation and successful strategies
  • Foresight as part of business strategy and business plan
  • Reconnecting consumers and food producers through non confrontational communication
  • Increasing farmers/operations employees awareness of marketing to consumer markets
  • Increasing retailers’ awareness to the complexity of farming and food production
  • Interesting and attracting youth to food production