Strategic Foresight

The Mission

“To help clients challenge today’s certainties and shape the future by identifying coming changes, adapting timely, and managing the transition with a targeted and practical action plan to thrive in the coming decades, by working as an extension of their organizations”.

Envisioning the Future

In today’s and tomorrow’s world, foresight abilities will determine the winners of the future. Foresight is not an intellectual exercise; t is about practical vision that must lead to action. Only those who identify the changes to come and make the right choices to adapt timely will thrive. The Food Futurist offers strategic foresight in the following areas:

Market Developments and Evolution of Food Sectors

Research aimed at finding out the future dynamics of consumption markets and the consequences for your business sector.

The purpose is to identify future scenarios and develop adequate strategies to help you build today a competitive advantage for the coming decades.

Need for Innovation
Research aimed at identifying the future challenges and to bring recommendations about adaptive responses.

The purpose is to determine the areas that will require change in the future, and to indicate the necessary corrective actions, with a focus on innovative solutions.

Food Security & Self-Sufficiency

The purpose is to develop and implement strategies aimed at increasing food security by identifying the best sourcing and production solutions to cover the needs of the population.

Program aimed at government agencies and development organizations.