Speaking Engagements

The Mission

“To help clients challenge today’s certainties and shape the future by identifying coming changes, adapting timely, and managing the transition with a targeted and practical action plan to thrive in the coming decades, by working as an extension of their organizations”.

Speaking about the Future

The purpose of my presentations is to engage with food production and supply professionals about the challenges of the coming decades and how to shape a successful future. The objective is to provide participants with ideas that they can consider to use in their own situation. By realizing how everything is interdependent and intricate,  they will find out answers to questions such as “How will this affect me?” or “What can I do to ensure my future?” The primary purpose of my presentations is to help clients build a strong future for themselves.

Pic Talk04Speaking engagements include

  • Presentations or participation to discussion panels during conferences or events. The duration of such speaking engagements is typically in the range 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Seminars to explore and brainstorm in depth about specific topics as a part of the client strategy development. The duration can vary from one to two days. The seminars are for a one-organization audience or for a mixed audience as part of a collaborative project between partnering organizations.

All my presentations and seminars are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of my clients. Please click on the link to read about the advantages of organizing speaking engagements directly together. For seminars, please click here to learn about how they are structured.

Interested in a look at the larger picture or some thought-provoking topic for your next event, or just interested to hear about a subject different from your direct day-to-day activities? To see the broad scope that I cover, please click on the link to view a list of topics I presented in the past.

To watch some footage, please click here.