Business Seminars

With the focus on creating the future by anticipating, adapting and thriving, several areas will be essential for food producers to survive and be competitive in the future. The Food Futurist offers a series of business seminars to meet this objective.

All the seminars are focused on the practical aspect of your operations. The theory part is kept to a minimum to allow you to use the seminar time on your specific situation and business area. All seminars will be set up according to your needs. This includes duration, format and timing of the training. Effectiveness and relevance of the program to your particular situation are paramount.

Here follows a brief description of the main objectives for each seminar. For more details, please do not hesitate to take contact and we will review together your specific needs and set-up the training that is right for you.

Marketing for Farmers

The one who decides the price decides of your revenue. That’d better be you!

Access to market information is not enough to succeed. Strategy, choice of the right partners and improved bargaining position are a must to deliver superior margin, even in adverse market conditions.

This seminar is aimed at (groups of) farmers of any size from anywhere involved in any production on the land, in the cities or in the sea. Among others, you will review how to:

  • Anticipate future markets and adjust your exposure accordingly
  • Identify the right market(s) and choose the best partners for you
  • Look for alternative sales to increase your bargaining position

Niche Marketing for Food Producers

If you produce a commodity, the chances are high that customers consider you like one, too.

When the market place is crowded and only those who can produce at the lowest cost will survive, it is time to choose a different path. However, developing a niche is not an easy task. It requires long-term commitment, perseverance and superior skills.

This seminar is available for any business involved in the production of food that needs to differentiate itself from the herd. Among others, you will get practical insight in how:

  • To make the decision between commodity and niche
  • To avoid the misconceptions about niches, and the implications of going into such a business
  • To sell the specialty product as well as the concept

Reset your Mind for a Better Future

Forget linear thinking and why your business is set up the way it is. Reset your mind to envision the future with a completely fresh look. The result will be operations that are simpler, leaner, and easier to manage that deliver higher performance.

This seminar is for any business involved in the production and distribution of food.

Among others, this fun pragmatic brainstorming seminar will help you to:

  • Answer the question “If I had to start all over again with today’s tools, knowledge and experience, how would I set up the business?”
  • Find creative ways to  develop innovative solutions for your business and your customers to strengthen your future
  • Execute the transition to a new organization smoothly and effectively

Transparency as Winning Strategy

Do you like doing business with people you do not trust? Most consumers answer this question the same way as you do.

The seminar will show how an open attitude will do wonders for your business. It will show how moving from defensive and Pavlovian to serene and strong will improve your image and your competitive position. Your resources will be more effective, as you will do less PR and more business!

This fun and thought-provoking training is for any business involved in food.

Among others, during the course of this seminar you will:

  • Explore what transparency means for consumers and your customers
  • Find innovative ways of being transparent without to have to disclose your ”trade secrets”
  • Develop strategies to use transparency to regain the consumer’s trust and beat the competition