In their own words:

On my own behalf and on behalf of my colleagues in BIM and the wider industry, I would like to thank you very much for your stimulating presentation during our seafood summit last week. Your presentation was extremely helpful and the lessons from international trends are instructive as we seek to grow our industry. As a result of the event, we will be able to plan our future strategy for the Irish seafood sector in a more informed manner.

Jason Whooley, CEO, Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), Dublin, Ireland

Your presentation was a great way to open the event and provoked a lot of thought amongst participants

Nidha Jasrai, Event Manager Feed Additives Americas/AgriBriefing


Your presence and knowledge were a tremendous addition to our breakout session. Several media commented that your global perspective gave them new views on global food production and consumption.

BASF Agricultural Solutions Media Summit team, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

Great overview on the challenges of agriculture going forward. Your knowledge and expertise in the food and ag industry was impressive, and you brought a lot of new perspectives to the table. The content was fantastic and made for a great educational presentation.
Strategy & Business Development Department, Cargill, Wayzata MN, USA

[You are] the one-man McKinsey.
Thierry Laval, President, CampagnesTV, Paris, France

Insightful“… “Thought-provoking“… “Very clear“… “Exactly what my company needs to hear“…

were the main comments after my presentation at the International Boston Seafood Show 2013

We were very impressed by the article written by Christophe Pelletier about our
work. It has sparked off interest in several places around the world. Good job
and thank you, Christophe!
Dr. John Wightman (Tree Oils Australia) and Sreenivas Ghatty (Tree Oils India Ltd)

Your presentation to our students was spot on. I am sure that we will refer to it at a later stage in the curriculum. Undoubtedly, the students will bring it up again through their questions.
Jean Lossouarn, Head Professor AgroParisTech, Animal Sciences, Animal Value Chains Analysis, Paris, France

Your outstanding presentation “Adapting Food Production to a Changing World” at our event was much appreciated as you must have gathered from the animated discussion that followed. The Board of Directors sends its congratulations and a special “Thank You”. Your participation enhanced the scope and depth of the ten day program.
Board of Directors, The Cape May Forum – Chautauqua at the Shore, Cape May NJ, USA

You ponder before replying to issues, thereby providing greater wisdom than most folks do.
Richard Buchanan, President, Agri-Marine Industries, Campbell River, B.C., Canada

Sir, you are a machine, this work would have taken me two months, minimum! You did it in two weeks. I thought I would get that on the record.
Ralph Shaw, Owner SeaAgra Seafood, North Vancouver

You have a unique ability in the way you analyze numbers. The ease in which you can look at figures and can take that information to the next level and beyond is truly quite amazing. Not simply reporting the facts but the way in which you can take the information and translate it into useable data and working strategies and plans is a gift. I say this with the highest regard and sincerely: Of all the people I have work with you are the closest to sales person accountant that I have ever met.
Joe Collins, Owner, 2/11 Management, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada

The quality that struck me the most was your ability to remain very calm and focused on the priorities at hand during a crisis. You have a very strong ability to stand back, assess the situation and make very rational decisions. This strength impressed and mentored me while we worked together. You were always a very professional manager however this quality always stood out to me.
Mickey Flanagan, President, Keltic Seafoods, Port Hardy, B.C., Canada

Your unique ability is actually shared by others who have the ability to look at a problem…pragmatically: dissect it, and prioritize the steps that are required to fix the problem.
Jerry Lang, President, Jerry Lang & Associates, Victoria, B.C., Canada

You recognize abilities in people and encourage them to do their best.
Jean Veale, Food Safety Manager, Marine Harvest  Canada, Campbell River, B.C., Canada

You have a unique way to motivate those that work around you. You have the ability to trespass the accountability without leaving your team members with the feeling that “if you fail, you are dead”.
While working with you, I saw how you used many tools to make professional decisions, but the engine was the pleasure of doing things well. Yes, we all work for the money, but it is better, easier and funnier to do it for higher reasons as well, you provide those reasons.
By putting challenges in front of your associates you motivate them to perform well, although one might not figure your inner strength…that’s unique about you: YOUR INNER STRENGTH.
Alfredo Dabancens, Sales & Distribution Director, Salmones Camanchaca, Santiago, Chile

You can make decisions regardless the emotions that normally the salesmen follow. What I mean is that you go to the point leaving behind the emotions, and that makes you be objective when deciding on which way to go.
Pablo Guzman, Owner, HealthSeafood, Puerto Varas, Chile

Your intellect, pragmatism and your down to earth approach make you unique.
Ronald Oud, President, RAC Group, Amsterdam, The Netherlands