My scope is broad and versatile. I can cover many presentation topics. Next to all the topics I have addressed in my blog and books, here is a sample of topics I presented in the past.

  • Future of Protein
  • Retail and Future of Food
  • Precision Agriculture Will Shape the Future
  • Beyond the Farm of the Future
  • The Future of Food Quality
  • Moving Away from Commodities by Finding Your Niche
  • Harvesting the Future of Seafood
  • How to Thrive in an Era of Volatile Food Prices and High Costs
  • Future Consumption Patterns: What It Means for Farmers and Food Producers
  • The Surge of the Middle Class in Emerging Economies and its Impact on Future Food Markets
  • The Meat Question and the Future of Animal Production
  • Futuristic Vision of Farming – The Fine Line Between Science-Fiction and Innovation
  • Attracting the Youth to Food Production
  • Reconnecting Consumers and Farmers, the Candid and Transparent Way
  • Feeding Nine Billion People – Managing Luxury and Despair
  • The Farmers of the Future
  • Adapting Food Production to a Changing World
  • The Water Challenge
  • Future Challenges and How They Will Influence Food Production Systems
  • Twelve Trends for the Future of Food Production
  • Food Security – A Work in Progress
  • Sustainability – Back to the Future or Forward to the Past?
  • Food Value Chains – Developing Strong Market-driven Partnerships
  • Mission Zero Waste – Cleaning Up Your Operations
  • Demographics, Soil, Water and Food
  • “Land Grabs” and the Need for More Food
  • Challenges and Potential of Cultivating the Sea
  • The Future of Meat Production
  • Reducing Food Waste
  • Future Evolution of Genetic Engineering

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