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Future Harvests Explores the Future of Food and Farming

How will we feed nine billion people by 2050?

The world population is growing fast. From 6 billion people in 2000, it will pass 9 billion by 2050. The urban population will double. Water shortages, climate change and soil degradation present a serious threat to the ability of farmers to produce the quantity of food required to meet future demand.

In his new book, Future Harvests, Christophe Pelletier presents an objective and comprehensive overview of both the challenges and the potential solutions to produce more food. Using examples from around the world, the author illustrates the amazing potential for growing more food on the land, in the oceans, in the cities and even in the desert. The book covers a broad range of topics in simple, clear language, appealing to both industry specialists and readers with little knowledge of food production.

Author Christophe Pelletier introduces the SIMPLE principles required to increase food production: Sustainability, Innovation, Market orientation, Pragmatism, Leadership, and Efficiency.

Future Harvests reviews future farming strategies. The 278-page book discusses the pros and cons of large-scale vs. small-scale, industrial vs. organic, and local vs. global farming. It addresses controversial topics such as genetic engineering, nanotechnologies, the so-called “land grabs”, the development of biofuels, as well as investments and speculation by financial institutions.

 “The response to this book’s topic has been great! While writing the book, I discovered the amazing potential that our world has to supply more food and meet future demand. This book gives hope, but it also contains a warning for responsibility. All the people I have told about this book have been enthusiastic about getting a view of the future of food production. And I truly enjoy telling this fascinating story!” says Christophe Pelletier.

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For less than the price of a meal at the restaurant, Future Harvests will provide you with a broad view of the future of food production and food supply!

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