Futures & Strategy Interviews


The Mission

To help clients challenge today’s certainties and shape the future by identifying coming changes, adapting timely, and managing the transition with a targeted and practical action plan to thrive in the coming decades, by working as an extension of their organizations”.

A highly cost-effective service, the Future & Strategy Interview allows you to ask how the future environment for your organization will evolve, and to hear about strategies to adapt and be ahead of the pack.

This popular service is available for all sorts of organizations. Regardless of whether you represent a business, a government or a NGO, finding the right way to move forward and prosper is essential.

The Future & Strategy Interview can be carried out on the phone or on Skype. Typically, you send me a questionnaire in advance about the points you want to review and we set an appointment. It is fast and there is no travel or accommodation cost to factor. Just directly usable insight and foresight!

The fee only depends on preparation time and interview duration. It can be one interview or a series. The format adapts to your specific needs.