Down to Earth

Down to Earth will take you on a poetic journey.

These selected poems cover a wide array of subjects, from traditional bucolic pictures of farmland to modern technologies. In total, this book contains 99 poems and about as many topics. Thus, the reader will browse through happy little goats, observe a busy bee at work, accompany the hesitant first step of a new born calf, face the clouds threatening the wheat harvest or experience the somehow surrealistic poetry of farm robots, artificial intelligence and Big Data.

This impression of diversity is supported by the variety of poetry forms that Christophe uses. With the classic elegance of a sonnet, a cheerful villanelle, a smooth well-rounded rondeau, a concise haiku, a goofy limerick, a modern cinquain, a rhythmic ballade or just free-style poetry, Christophe takes us through fields and meadows, make us meet all sorts of animals, discover the humanity of hard-working characters who provide us with food, experience all various foods and visit exotic locations. Finally, in a section of serious topics such as environment, biodiversity, hunger, poverty, farmers’ suicide, the essential role of women in agriculture, food waste, the cultural divide between rural and urban, and our future, his poems ponder the challenges farmers face and on how vulnerable humankind still remains. It is an ode to our special place in the universe and to the need to care for Life and Nature. In the end, Christophe shows us that it all comes Down to Earth.

Because of the diversity of topics and its content, this book about food and agriculture is also very much about culture and food for thought. In this regard, Down to Earth is useful to fulfill a fun educational purpose as well.

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