The Mission

“To help clients challenge today’s certainties and shape the future by identifying coming changes, adapting timely, and managing the transition with a targeted and practical action plan to thrive in the coming decades, by working as an extension of their organizations”.

The Food Futurist’s activities can be sum up with the following formula of five key words:

The Food Futurist = Vision + Foresight + Strategy + Execution + International

The Food Futurist is all about the future of food and farming. The purpose of this discreet little boutique consulting firm with surprising work capacity is to help its clients:

  • Anticipate future changes
  • Adapt timely to a new environment by developing effective strategies
  • Thrive by successfully implementing the strategies.

Through strategic foresight and the development of future scenarios, the Food Futurist’s clients will be able to take effective action to be among the winners of the future. The approach is practical, straightforward, pragmatic and hands-on, by using critical thinking and the search for innovative solutions to improve food production and food supply chains in the years and decades to come. The language is plain and clear.

As the Food Futurist is independent you can expect candid and objective advice. There is no hidden agenda. Together, we will focus about solutions, not about problems. The Food Futurist works as an extension of your organization by being your futures’ specialist. This saves you time and money. To learn more about The Food Futurist’s clients profiles, please click here

The services are available for governments, private sector companies and non-profit organizations. The client’s size varies from a few employees to some of the largest companies in the world.

To read how my approach to futurism can help you, please click on My futurism.

Watch founder Christophe Pelletier present The Food Futurist:

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