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Christophe Pelletier is one of the world’s true experts on the future of food and agriculture. During his studies and his career, he has been active in Beef, Dairy, Animal Feed, Nutrition, Pork, Poultry and Seafood. As “The Food Futurist “, he has provided his services and vision to organizations in about all sectors of food value chains,  from small niche players to some of the world’s largest food and agriculture corporations.

Christophe Pelletier combines extensive knowledge with practical hands-on business experience. He is a versatile individual who is just as comfortable wearing a suit in a boardroom as he is wearing overalls and wooden shoes in a livestock pen or a hard hat and a white coat in a food plant. He has actually produced and sold food and agricultural products.

He has filled a wide diversity of positions in Scientific and Technical support, Planning, Supply Chain, Procurement, Quality Control, Traceability, Food Safety, Sales & Marketing, Plant Management and Senior Executive level. He has conducted business internationally, on five continents, and negotiated multimillion deals with farmers, traders, wholesalers, leading retailers and food processors. Thanks to his strategic and leadership abilities, he successfully has turned around lagging operations into profitable and viable activities within very short periods of time. He has lived in three countries and he speaks five languages. He is a citizen of both Canada and the EU.

In his leadership positions, he set up and led multicultural teams that consistently outperformed their peers and competitors. During a team review conducted by Hay Group, his staff described him as an “empathic visionary leader“. He always fosters a stimulating and exciting atmosphere for his teams and he is a strong believer of clarity, simplicity, talent and delegation.

Christophe Pelletier obtained his Master of Science degree from the Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon in France (one of the country’s Elite Schools, now renamed AgroParisTech), where he specialized in Economy and Development of Animal Production.

He started his career within BP Nutrition, which later became the Dutch-based agribusiness multinational Nutreco. He started as a pig production expert supporting the Dutch feed company team of technical extension specialists. He reviewed the use of feed ingredients and investigated new alternatives for pig nutrition. He developed new husbandry systems, developed the company’s activity of piglet export from the Netherlands, and worked as a liaison between the Dutch, French and Spanish animal feed companies. He then moved to the Dutch poultry processing division where he worked in sales. He became Sales Director and successfully restructured sales in Germany. He initiated the ISO 9000 certification of the plant and set up a coordinated European sales approach including the Dutch, Belgian and Spanish plants, leading to major performance improvements. He then moved to the salmon farming division to structure all post-harvest activities in Chile and in Canada. He determined a new sales strategy, implemented harvest planning and quality control procedures in the processing plants. The results were substantial cost reduction and stronger sales revenue.

Christophe is the author of three books (and currently working on a fourth one about value marketing in food and agriculture):

The Food Futurist articles are published by several magazines and blogs in various countries, and are even included in books. Christophe also appears regularly in interviews and articles from some of the world’s most reputable news media, such as The Financial Times.

“The reason I chose for the futurist format has its roots in my professional experience. Through the years, I discovered that I have a strong ability to predict quickly and accurately whether certain approaches will work or not. It has allowed me to turn around business activities rapidly and successfully. This ability has helped my employers and those who consulted me to achieve great results, and this is exactly what I offer my clients with The Food Futurist!”  – Christophe Pelletier

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