SoL logoThe Seeds of Leadership (SoL) mentoring program is aimed at young professionals in food and agriculture who have less than three years of active professional life. Since youth is the future, this program fits exactly as a part of The Food Futurist.

Seeds of Leadership is a free service performed by The Food Futurist’s founder, Christophe Pelletier. The program is open to young professionals from anywhere in the world.

It consists of five sessions of one hour each between the mentor and the mentee, carried out on Skype. It will span over an entire calendar year. During the program, the mentee will be able to:

  • Set personal growth targets and career objectives
  • Learn from an experienced professional
  • Freely ask questions about anything related to his/her professional activities
  • Think about his/her professional future
  • Have stimulating practical and philosophical conversations
  • Widen his/her scope of thinking
  • Debate of which areas of food production and supply deserve attention for the future

In the SoL program, the mentee (meaning the young professional) has the responsibility to take action, choose the conversation topics and carry out the proper follow-up to his/her goals and complete the entire mentoring year.

There are only a limited number of places, maximum ten mentees per calendar year, with a maximum of five from developed countries. Candidates need not apply directly, but through a recommendation by a colleague or supervisor who will explain why the candidate should be selected.

Registration works on a first come, first served basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if:

  • You think this program is for you, and you have found someone to recommend you
  • You know a candidate for whom this program would be useful and whom you would recommend