Why work direct?

Every time potential customers have contacted me directly, they have hired me and they always tell me afterwards that my presentation was exactly what the audience needed to hear.

To deliver a presentation that adds value to your audience, I follow a simple sequence of steps.

  • The first step after the initial contact is to get on the phone to get acquainted and to hear about what you are looking for.
  • The second step is for me to send you a short outline for you to review of what I suggest to present for your event.
  • The third step, after your decision to hire me, is to develop the presentation and arrange another conference call to review and finalize the content if needed.

For me, quality comes before quantity. I prefer dealing directly with conference organizers rather than through a speakers bureau. The reasons are simple.

  • All my presentations are tailor-made for your specific needs. Speakers bureaus are never able to tell me which topic and which message you want me to present. All they ask me is whether I am available on the date of the event and what my fee is.
  • For me, the useful comes first. I speak with the purpose of having your audience take home practical ideas that they can work with the very next day. Most requests from speakers bureaus are for entertainment type of presentations. I am lively and entertaining, but that just comes as a bonus.
  • I want you to have the best value for your money. Most speakers bureaus charge 30% commission. Usually, they know your budget and they will book the speaker for which they get the highest commission, not the most cost-efficient or most relevant one for you. It always will cost you more and you are likely to only get a generic presentation.